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خلدا ,خلف المدارس الإنجليزية, قرب اشارات البنك العربي


cloudless chiledhood for a promising future

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provide services to develop childrens ability to innovate, imagine and create

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As a part of the noble royal initiatives, The project to build Zaha Cultural Centres in the capital Amman and other governorates By a royal deed and in the years 2017/2018, Zaha Cultural Centre and in collaboration with Greater Amman Municipality completed setting up and starting Zaha Cultural Centres in the capital Amman. The centres became perfect places that provide comprehensive services for all members of the local community. The royal deed included building Zaha Centres in the following areas,

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Zaha Cultural Center courses

Zaha Cultural Center for Children holds many useful courses that help develop children's minds, for ages from 6 to 16 years

Intellect and creativity courses

Zaha Cultural Centers are keen to activate the latent mental energies of children between the ages o..

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Music and performing Arts Courses

Zaha centers seek to embrace emerging young talents. To spread cultural and artistic awareness, thro..

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Academic courses

Among the training courses that aim to develop children’s skills, such as language courses: (Eng..

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Courses in the Academy for Artistic Creativty

The academy teaches children how to make creative handicrafts, and develops their skills little by..

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Karameesh Room Courses

Zaha Cultural Centers hold courses for the age group (3-6 years); To develop the childs creative i..

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Sports Courses

Zaha Cultural Centers hold a number of sports courses that contribute to spreading the spirit of s..

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computer courses

Zaha Cultural Centers seek to apply the concept of e-learning to children and women of the local c..

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Media education courses

Zaha Cultural Centers seek to enhance the capacity building of adolescents in the concepts and skill..

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Human development courses

Among the training courses that aim to provide children with dialogue skills, and instill a sense of..

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Programs and services provided to women in the local community

One of the carefully prepared goals in her cultural centers is to hold courses for the women of the ..

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The center provides its services free of charge to children and provides many programs, activities and services that motivate them to develop and innovate


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